Group of preschoolers in an open exhibition space (Photo by Ng Shi Wen)

“No one group has a monopoly on good ideas”: Building anticipatory capacity and democratising, diversifying futures thinking

As a strategic foresight practitioner, Cheryl Chung has led futures projects across different government ministries and in a number of community projects and initiatives. With her experience and expertise, we explore the application of futures and foresight in public policy, the public sector, and the community in Singapore.

Group of dancers in circles around a stage (Photo by Ng Shi Wen)

“Thinking about futures”: A preview

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, how do we start thinking about the future? Or our futures? And how do we apply futures thinking and futures studies in Singapore? Co-designed with research associate Eddie Choo, “Thinking about futures” is a mini-series featuring three guests, focused on education and higher education, the community, as well as public policy and the public sector.