The podcast is hosted on Anchor and is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. In its fourth season in 2021, podcast episodes are conversations with civil society groups, efforts, and issues and with researchers in Singapore.

If you’re part of a civil society group or a researcher interested to be part of an episode, please contact us!

Here on this page, you can also check out the full list of episodes from the past three seasons in 2020.

Season IV (2021)

Cover art for
Cover art for (Photo by Ng Shi Wen)

Civil Society Groups, Efforts, and Issues

  1. SchemesSG: A searchable, indexable directory of aid and assistance schemes in Singapore
  2. AWARE’s “Saga” podcast: Conceptualisation, production, and challenges
  3. The Birthday Collective: Going beyond the essay-writing crowd and holding conversational space upon uncommon ground
  4. Mental health at the Singaporean workplace
  5. OpenJio and the challenge of sustaining youth volunteerism and interest in social causes
  6. Students for a Safer NUS: Centring survivors, centring the community, and centring the margins
  7. Intersectional climate justice, climate change and its unequal effects, and aspirations for a low-carbon Singapore
  8. Burnout and self-care experiences of two young Singaporean social workers


  1. On the researcher’s privileged position, community partnerships, data and research advocacy: Postdoctoral fellow Rayner Tan
  2. “Hard at Work: Life in Singapore”: Prof. Gerard Sasges on the book’s conceptualisation and the power of interviewing and stories
  3. The history of the making of youth – and the history of the present – in youth-conscious, youth-centred Singapore: PhD candidate Edgar Liao
  4. Macro inequality and mobility trends, felt inequality, and the case for a healthy degree of equality of outcomes: PhD candidate Nathan Peng Li
  5. “The hunger report”: Singapore’s first nationally representative food insecurity study
  6. On homelessness and housing insecurity, income insecurity and minimum income standard, and bridging research, practice, and policy: Dr. Ng Kok Hoe
  7. Scarcity, the bandwidth tax, and the effect of debt reduction in low-income Singaporean households: Dr. Ong Qiyan
  8. Contested framings of climate change and climate governance in Singapore: PhD student Belicia Teo


  1. “Mind the chasm”: The pandemic’s devastatingly uneven impact and the insecurities of low-income families across multiple, intersecting dimensions
  2. Advancing the rights of LGBTQ+ Singaporeans
  3. Building solid ground for those in Singapore facing online harassment, abuse, and harms
  4. Ground-ups in Singapore (Part 1): Emergence and impact, activator journeys, and funding
  5. Ground-ups in Singapore (Part 2): Building synchronicity among communities of communities
  6. AreWeOkay and the proposal for a Mental Wellbeing and Sustainable Development Office in Singapore

“Thinking about futures”: On the application of futures thinking and futures studies in Singapore

  1. “Thinking about futures”: A preview
  2. “What if we’re wrong?”: Interdisciplinarity, education, and higher education in Singapore
  3. “No one group has a monopoly on good ideas”: Building anticipatory capacity and democratising, diversifying futures thinking
  4. “People buy into what they help create”: Citizen foresight work and the influence of language and metaphors on futures thinking
  5. “Thinking about futures”: Taking stock (with Eddie Choo)

COVID-19, one year on

  1. Sustaining an ecosystem of ground-ups and changemakers (Abhishek Bajaj)
  2. Sustaining the muscles of active citizenry and ground-ups for a more participatory democracy (Vincent Ng)
  3. “Are we listening?”: Coalescing around downstream and upstream mental health action (Anthea Ong)
  4. Advising career and further education choices through a pandemic (Mock Yi Jun)
  5. Beyond the laptop: From digital access to digital inclusion and literacy (Lim May-Ann)
  6. Long-term lessons from the pandemic: Government interactions and online/offline civic engagement (Adriel Yong)


Season III (2020) Feature Feature (Photo by Jack Lin on Unsplash)
  1. The minimum wage, the Progressive Wage Model, and low-wage labour in Singapore (A conversation with Prof. Linda Lim)
  2. COV-AID: NUS law students seek to make legal complexity, simple
  3. NUS Developer Student Club: #TechForGood within and beyond the university
  4. BeTheWire: Bridging the digital divide for persons of all abilities
  5. “GE2020: Fair or Foul?”: Bertha Henson on levelling the electoral playing field
  6. “PAP v PAP”: Cherian George and Donald Low on balancing elite governance and democratic deliberation in Singapore
  7. Gift for Good: Galvanising in-kind donations and completing wishes in Singapore

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Season II (2020): The Nine Days #GE2020

Podcast cover art photo
Podcast cover art photo (GE2020) by Tony Shostak on Unsplash

The Nine Days is a podcast covering the 2020 general election in Singapore (#GE2020), through daily five-minute news summaries, conversations with young voters, and interviews with academics and experts.

“What happened today?”: Daily five-minute news summaries focusing on social services, social work, and social policies

  1. Nomination Day (Day 01): East and West Coast plans and the main campaign issues of GE2020
  2. Debates Day (Day 02): Your preferred party won the English TV debate; the PAP swept the Mandarin debate
  3. A Muted, Rally-Less Campaign (Day 03): Bland party political broadcasts, lack of physical rallies are hurting opposition parties
  4. Still a Pandemic Election (Day 04): The pandemic in the background, the NCMP scheme, and the 10-million-dollar question
  5. The Pofma Election (Day 05): Pofma correction directions; youthful glimmers of hope
  6. #IStandWithRaeesah (Day 06): WP’s Raeesah Khan in the news; Pofma, again; coronavirus still in the community
  7. The Issues, Please? (Day 07): Two days to get the campaign back on substantive track; the ruling party campaigns for a mandate
  8. The Sengkang Spotlight (Day 08): Sengkang GRC as a microcosm of GE2020
  9. Silver Linings in a Post-GE2020 Singapore (Day 09)
  10. Five takeaways from #GE2020, in five minutes and five words: Mandate, leader, consolidation, COVID-19, weathering

“What’s going on with young voters?”: Conversations on policy perspectives and their constituency observations

  1. Volunteering with the political parties (Clarence Ching and Joel Sherard)
  2. Following the elections as a young environmentalist (Woo Qiyun)
  3. Evaluating the parties through a design perspective (Muhammad Al-Hakim bin Dasuki)
  4. The national view from Holland-Bukit Timah GRC (Klinsen Soh)
  5. On lowering the voting age and the “Singapore Votes” initiative (Nigel Li)
  6. Raising socio-political literacy and civic engagement in Singapore (CAPE’s Huang Runchen and Joel Yew)
  7. The national view from Aljunied GRC (Royston Long)
  8. Raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues in Singapore (Heckin’ Unicorn’s Teo Yu Sheng)

“What can we learn?”: Analytical interviews with academics and experts

  1. Nomination Day, the debate, and mid-campaign impressions (Dhevarajan Devadas and Mohamed Salihin Subhan)
  2. A brief sketch of social welfare policies and discourse between GE2015 and GE2020
  3. A mid-campaign report card of the opposition parties (Researchers Loke Hoe-Yeong and Dr. Elvin Ong)
  4. “It’s a damp squib”: An assessment of the GE2020 campaign (Veteran journalist Bertha Henson)

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Season I (2020)

Podcast cover art photo by Andrea Ang on Unsplash
Podcast cover art photo by Andrea Ang on Unsplash

COVID19 Community Chronicles is a podcast which documents community initiatives and discusses related structural or systemic challenges or issues.

  1. Mutual aid: From spreadsheets to virtual and ground communities
  2. Disadvantaged or low-income families: “Every student should have a laptop. Full stop.”
  3. Internship and employment challenges for students: Making space and adding value
  4. Mental health: Awareness, acceptance, and action (A conversation with NMP Anthea Ong)
  5. Voices of the circuit breaker: Singaporeans in their 20s
  6. “Moral panic and the migrant worker folk devil”, in neo-authoritarian Singapore (A conversation with Prof. Kenneth Paul Tan)
  7. F&B in Singapore: Where cheap food comes at a price
  8. Elderly Singaporeans living alone: “I cannot watch TV the whole day”
  9. On the Majulah Universal Basic Income, UBI experiments, and the design of social welfare policies in Singapore (A conversation with Dr. Ong Qiyan and NMP Walter Theseira)
  10. Domestic and family violence: Before, during, and after the pandemic
  11. Foreign domestic workers: Challenging dominant cultural ideas and perceptions in Singapore
  12. Community-building while circuit-breaking: “What does community mean to you?”
  13. “Of the margins of the margins”: COVID-19, marginalisation, and the role of academia (A conversation with Prof. Mohan Dutta)
  14. The community of overseas Singaporeans in the Bay Area: “Wherever you go, you can create a family”
  15. The clarity of election and electoral regulations (A “Our Class Notes” and collaboration)
  16. Singapore’s “silly season” is upon us: Veteran journalist Bertha Henson on election reporting (A “Our Class Notes” and collaboration)
  17. Public assessments of the government’s pandemic response (A “Our Class Notes” and collaboration)
  18. “Beyond COVID19: The future of social services for low-income youths and families”
  19. The historical roots of electioneering and campaigning in Singapore
  20. On opposition “unity”, party credibility, and electoral strategies (A conversation with researchers Loke Hoe-Yeong and Dr. Elvin Ong)

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