Burnout and self-care experiences of two young Singaporean social workers

Relaxing at home with a book and coffee (Photo by Sixteen Miles Out on Unsplash)

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Feelings of burnout can be unsettling or even terrifying, and around the world social work burnout has been very well-documented. Over time, we hope to better understand the causes of burnout, including the structural causes, but for now, as a start, it feels important to normalise such discourse in Singapore. Therefore, in this episode, we speak to two young Singaporean social workers, “Jing” and John Lim (savethesocialworker.com) about their experiences of burnout and self-care.

Let’s talk about “Jom”: Singapore’s new digital magazine socialservice.sg

  1. Let’s talk about “Jom”: Singapore’s new digital magazine
  2. "Seeking Shelter: Homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore"
  3. The future of… Finance and leaving nobody behind (with Givfunds’ and Masref’s Edward Yee)

My conversation with “Jing” and John is part of our 2021 focus on civil society groups, efforts, and issues in Singapore (https://socialservice.sg/podcast/).

Click here to listen to the episode.

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