List of podcast episodes (2020) Feature

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Two older series:

  1. COVID19 Community Chronicles (April to June 2020) documented community initiatives and discussed related structural or systemic challenges or issues.
  2. The Nine Days(June to July 2020) covered the 2020 general election in Singapore (#GE2020), through daily five-minute news summaries, conversations with young voters, and interviews with academics and experts.

Podcast episodes:

  1. The minimum wage, the Progressive Wage Model, and low-wage labour in Singapore (A conversation with Prof. Linda Lim)
  2. COV-AID: NUS law students seek to make legal complexity, simple
  3. NUS Developer Student Club: #TechForGood within and beyond the university
  4. BeTheWire: Bridging the digital divide for persons of all abilities
  5. “GE2020: Fair or Foul?”: Bertha Henson on levelling the electoral playing field
  6. “PAP v PAP”: Cherian George and Donald Low on balancing elite governance and democratic deliberation in Singapore
  7. Gift for Good: Galvanising in-kind donations and completing wishes in Singapore

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