List of episodes: The Nine Days #GE2020

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The Nine Days is a podcast covering the 2020 general election in Singapore (#GE2020), through daily five-minute news summaries, conversations with young voters, and interviews with academics and experts. The podcast is hosted by Anchor and is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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“What happened today?”
Daily five-minute news summaries focusing on social services, social work, and social policies

  1. Nomination Day (Day 01): East and West Coast plans and the main campaign issues of GE2020
  2. Debates Day (Day 02): Your preferred party won the English TV debate; the PAP swept the Mandarin debate
  3. A Muted, Rally-Less Campaign (Day 03): Bland party political broadcasts, lack of physical rallies are hurting opposition parties
  4. Still a Pandemic Election (Day 04): The pandemic in the background, the NCMP scheme, and the 10-million-dollar question
  5. The Pofma Election (Day 05): Pofma correction directions; youthful glimmers of hope
  6. #IStandWithRaeesah (Day 06): WP’s Raeesah Khan in the news; Pofma, again; coronavirus still in the community
  7. The Issues, Please? (Day 07): Two days to get the campaign back on substantive track; the ruling party campaigns for a mandate
  8. The Sengkang Spotlight (Day 08): Sengkang GRC as a microcosm of GE2020
  9. Silver Linings in a Post-GE2020 Singapore (Day 09)
  10. Five takeaways from #GE2020, in five minutes and five words: Mandate, leader, consolidation, COVID-19, weathering

“What’s going on with young voters?”
Conversations on policy perspectives and their constituency observations

  1. Volunteering with the political parties (Clarence Ching and Joel Sherard)
  2. Following the elections as a young environmentalist (Woo Qiyun)
  3. Evaluating the parties through a design perspective (Muhammad Al-Hakim bin Dasuki)
  4. The national view from Holland-Bukit Timah GRC (Klinsen Soh)
  5. On lowering the voting age and the “Singapore Votes” initiative (Nigel Li)
  6. Raising socio-political literacy and civic engagement in Singapore (CAPE’s Huang Runchen and Joel Yew)
  7. The national view from Aljunied GRC (Royston Long)
  8. Raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues in Singapore (Heckin’ Unicorn’s Teo Yu Sheng)

“What can we learn?”
Analytical interviews with academics and experts

During the election

  1. Nomination Day, the debate, and mid-campaign impressions (Dhevarajan Devadas and Mohamed Salihin Subhan)
  2. A brief sketch of social welfare policies and discourse between GE2015 and GE2020
  3. A mid-campaign report card of the opposition parties (Researchers Loke Hoe-Yeong and Dr. Elvin Ong)
  4. “It’s a damp squib”: An assessment of the GE2020 campaign (Veteran journalist Bertha Henson)

Before the election (as part of “COVID-19 Community Chronicles“)

  1. The clarity of election and electoral regulations (A “Our Class Notes” and collaboration)
  2. Singapore’s “silly season” is upon us: Veteran journalist Bertha Henson on election reporting (A “Our Class Notes” and collaboration)
  3. Public assessments of the government’s pandemic response (A “Our Class Notes” and collaboration)
  4. The historical roots of electioneering and campaigning in Singapore
  5. On opposition “unity”, party credibility, and electoral strategies (A conversation with researchers Loke Hoe-Yeong and Dr. Elvin Ong)

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