List of episodes: COVID19 Community Chronicles

Podcast cover art photo by Andrea Ang on Unsplash

COVID19 Community Chronicles is a podcast which documents community initiatives and discusses related structural or systemic challenges or issues. The podcast is hosted by Anchor and is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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  1. Mutual aid: From spreadsheets to virtual and ground communities
  2. Disadvantaged or low-income families: “Every student should have a laptop. Full stop.”
  3. Internship and employment challenges for students: Making space and adding value
  4. Mental health: Awareness, acceptance, and action (A conversation with NMP Anthea Ong)
  5. Voices of the circuit breaker: Singaporeans in their 20s
  6. “Moral panic and the migrant worker folk devil”, in neo-authoritarian Singapore (A conversation with Prof. Kenneth Paul Tan)
  7. F&B in Singapore: Where cheap food comes at a price
  8. Elderly Singaporeans living alone: “I cannot watch TV the whole day”
  9. On the Majulah Universal Basic Income, UBI experiments, and the design of social welfare policies in Singapore (A conversation with Dr. Ong Qiyan and NMP Walter Theseira)
  10. Domestic and family violence: Before, during, and after the pandemic
  11. Foreign domestic workers: Challenging dominant cultural ideas and perceptions in Singapore
  12. Community-building while circuit-breaking: “What does community mean to you?”
  13. “Of the margins of the margins”: COVID-19, marginalisation, and the role of academia (A conversation with Prof. Mohan Dutta)
  14. The community of overseas Singaporeans in the Bay Area: “Wherever you go, you can create a family”
  15. The clarity of election and electoral regulations (A “Our Class Notes” and collaboration)
  16. Singapore’s “silly season” is upon us: Veteran journalist Bertha Henson on election reporting (A “Our Class Notes” and collaboration)
  17. Public assessments of the government’s pandemic response (A “Our Class Notes” and collaboration)
  18. “Beyond COVID19: The future of social services for low-income youths and families”
  19. The historical roots of electioneering and campaigning in Singapore
  20. On opposition “unity”, party credibility, and electoral strategies (A conversation with researchers Loke Hoe-Yeong and Dr. Elvin Ong)

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