Building solid ground for those in Singapore facing online harassment, abuse, and harms

Escalator at a train station (Photo by Ng Shi Wen)

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Informed by their interviews with individuals in Singapore who experienced online harassment, abuse, or harms, researchers Catherine Chang and Holly Apsley developed Solid Ground, at Supported by the Association of Women for Action and Research and the National Youth Council, the Solid Ground project offers step-by-step guides and resources complemented by thoughtful aesthetics and illustrations. Today, they share more about technology-facilitated sexual violence or TFSV, their detailed and intricate process of building the website, and how they worked to bridge research and practice.

The future of… Asian philanthropy (I – “Scenarios for Asia in 2050”)

  1. The future of… Asian philanthropy (I – “Scenarios for Asia in 2050”)
  2. “Beyond Fairness”: AWARE's advocacy for anti-discrimination in the workplace
  3. Representation, not just conversation and consultation: DPA’s recommendations for Singapore’s workplace anti-discrimination law for people with disabilities

My conversation with Catherine and Holly is part of our joint 2021 focus on researchers as well as on civil society groups, efforts, and issues in Singapore ( The feature photo is by Ng Shi Wen.

Click here to listen to the episode.

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