Students for a Safer NUS: Centring survivors, centring the community, and centring the margins

Public transport interchange in Singapore

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With the aim of improving the way the National University of Singapore handles sexual misconduct through community-led efforts, Students for a Safer NUS – or safeNUS – was formed by a group of concerned students in 2019. With one of its co-founders, Carissa Cheow, we learn more about the initiative and its work to cultivate a safer and more inclusive campus, as well as the challenges the team faces, including coping with burnout and working with the university.

Let’s talk about “Jom”: Singapore’s new digital magazine

  1. Let’s talk about “Jom”: Singapore’s new digital magazine
  2. "Seeking Shelter: Homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore"
  3. The future of… Finance and leaving nobody behind (with Givfunds’ and Masref’s Edward Yee)

My conversation with Carissa is part of our 2021 focus on civil society groups, efforts, and issues in Singapore ( The feature photo is by Ng Shi Wen.

Click here to listen to the episode.

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