“GE2020: Fair or Foul?”: Bertha Henson on levelling the electoral playing field

Today, we are joined by journalist-turned-political commentator and professor Bertha Henson, to talk about her new book, “GE2020: Fair or Foul?” (purchase the book via Epigram Bookstore). We will first discuss her case for the People’s Action Party (PAP) to level the electoral playing field and to increase the nine-day campaign period. She then evaluates the PAP backbenchers and the 4G leadership.

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“Reluctant Editor”: More answers, but even more questions

Whereas Cheong Yip Seng’s “OB Markers: My Straits Times Story” was a more extensive account of “The Straits Times” (ST) – from the perspective of its former editor-in-chief – P. N. Balji offers a more succinct account of his stints as chief editor of “The New Paper” (TNP) and “TODAY”. His interesting editorial, journalistic, and political nuggets which shed light on the five different newspaper newsrooms of which he was a part were made even more readable by the fact that “Reluctant Editor” is explicitly not a self-aggrandising memoir.

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“Singapore, Disrupted”: All the questions, but not the answers

Although “Singapore, Disrupted” (2018) by political columnist and ST Opinion editor Chua Mui Hoong – a collection of her essays and published articles – offers an interesting primer of the ostensibly most pressing socio-political issues in Singapore, its effectiveness as a call to action on these issues is less clear. By drawing primarily upon past pieces, even with the fresh inclusion of four introductions to each of the four parts of the book, a vision of or roadmap to the future appears absent. Moreover, the book’s most substantive part on the class divide is not necessarily followed by equally insightful parts on disruption, on politics in Singapore, as well as on founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew, prime minister Lee Hsien Loong, and their family.